LE58 Guitar Amp

Louis Electric Twinmaster
Louis Electric Twinmaster Louis Electric Twinmaster Louis Electric Twinmaster

LE58 Amp

Classic Tweed Twin Sound

Based on Tweed Circuit

$2,895.00 USD
"You build a great amp, kid"-Danny Gatton

LE58 Amp

The Louis Electric 40W or 80W LE58 is based on a 5F8-A Twin amp circuit. This amp was the first in the Louis Electric line.  After this amp was built, Louis Rosano eventually heard that Danny Gatton was using the very same kind of amplifier and was able reach out him and have him try a Louis Electric Twinnmaster.  Eventually Danny retired his Fender Twin amps and used the Louis Electric Twinnmaster exclusively at larger venues.

The 40W and 80W Twinnmaster provides a large, full-range sound. If you don't mind carrying around a 2x12 size amp, this is probably one of the best amplifiers in the Louis Electric Line.

The Twinnmaster features a custom transformer, fixed bias system, 2-Jupiter 12LA's, Tungsol 5881's, three 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 input jacks. The amp has two channels - Bright and Normal.  The channels can be bridged for maximum tonal sculpting. And, lurking on the underside of the chasis, a little Damping knob which adjusts the level of negative feedback which is an excellent feature to have because most amplifiers only offer fixed resistor which limits tone shaping.

Classification: AB1, fixed bias 

Power output: 40 watts ($2,895) or 80 watts ($3,095)

Speaker: 2-Jupiter 12LA

Speaker load: 4 ohms

Two Channels: normal, bright

Controls: volume, volume, treble, bass, middle, presence

Pre Amp Tubes: 3-12AX7

Output Tubes: 2-5881, 4-5881(80W)

Rectifier: 5AR4

Height: ", Width: ", Depth:

Weight:  lbs.

Eyelet Terminal board construction

Hand Selected caps and resistors

Custom designed hand built transformers

Belton tube sockets

Switchcraft and Carling input jacks and switches

High quality machine grade fasteners

Moisture free circuit board

Color: Black

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