Baby Bluesbuster Amp

Baby Bluesbreaker Amp
Baby Bluesbreaker Amp Baby Bluesbreaker Amp Baby Bluesbreaker Amp

Baby Bluesbuster Amp

True Blues Sound

The Amp of Legends

$2,895.00 USD
".....the Louis Electric Baby Bluesbreaker can surely tickle your fancy for "Beano" tone, but roll back the volume on your favorite guitar on the amp itself, and you'll discover a sweeter, clearer, more melodious tone that evokes an entirely different range of emotions - one that seems eminently more mature, evolved and complex in it's pristine purity." - The Tone Quest Report

Baby Bluesbuster Amp

The Baby Bluesbuster is just what it says.  It's a 1 x 12 combo which screams that Beano tone from the start. Wind down your guitar's tone and open up the amp for some very familiar womanlike sounds of the 60s. Its "Bluesbreaker" tones are rather immediate making this amp almost foolproof. The Louis Electric Baby Bluesbuster is designed to provide the classic KT66 sound reminiscent of Clapton's classic tone he had with John Mayall and Bluesbreakers. This amp can also be configured in a 2 x 12 version like the original.

The Baby Bluesbuster features a custom transformer, wound like the original radiospares output transformer. It contains a fixed bias system, Celestion G12H75,  KT66 (gold lion) tubes, three 12AX7 preamp tubes, 5AR4 rectifier and 4 input jacks. The amp has two channels - Bright and Normal. The Bright channel input has the characteristics of an old Rangemaster pedal. The channels can be bridged for maximum tonal sculpting. Two volume controls, treble, bass, middle and presence.


Classification: AB1, fixed bias 

Power output: 40 watts 

Speaker: Celestion G12H75

Speaker load: 8 ohms 

Controls: 2 volume, treble, bass, middle, presence

Four input, 2 channel

Pre Amp Tubes: 3-12AX7

Output Tubes: 2-KT66

Rectifier: 5AR4

Height: 21", Width: 24", Deoth: 10"

Weight:  48lbs.

Turret construction circuit board

Hand Selected caps and resistors

Custom designed hand built transformer wound like the original radiospares.

Belton tube sockets

Switchcraft and Carling input jacks and switches

High quality machine grade fasteners

Moisture free circuit board

Color: Black or Red


Videos: 1 2


"...there is so much more lurking beneath the surface, should you only be willing to look"
.Tone Quest Report

Baby Bluesbuster Amp Photos

Baby BluesBreaker Amp
Baby BluesBreaker Amp
Baby BluesBreaker Amp
Baby BluesBreaker Amp
Baby BluesBreaker Amp
Baby BluesBreaker Amp
Hubert Sumlin playing his L.E. Baby BluesBreaker

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